Welcome to 4charge

Nationwide expansion of EV charging points

We install, build and maintain EV chargers in Ireland and the UK. Our highly skilled people are working with Business Owners, Business Parks, Property Developers and County Councils to deliver best in class, scalable car charging facilities.

4charge are part of the 4site group. With over 15 years’ experience working with communications and utilities networks, 4site has earned a reputation as an independent, trusted partner. We have the expertise to empower our clients to stay one step ahead.

Survey & Planning

  • Quick turnaround on surveys
  • Manage Site acquisition
  • In house Planning department
  • Best in class Design Engineers
  • Survey and planning app improves speed of site and net work design

Design and Install

  • Installation and Commissioning- from initial onsite
    installation to final acceptance.
  • Options of trickle to fast chargers available
  • Audits ensure sites are compliant with the latest safety
    regulations and ensures proper maintenance of the site.
  • Experienced civil and electrical engineers deliver cost effective technology

Operate and Maintain

  • Asset management
  • Auditing and Certification
  • Remote smart maintenance system means minimal

City Charger Unit

Award winning unit with two charging slots, perfect solution for public car parks, shopping malls, offices.

4charge City Charger is ideal for:

  • Hotels
  • Public parking
  • Car parks
  • Shopping malls
  • Office buildings
  • Underground garages

City Charger Mini

This wall mounted version is perfect where there is issue with underground ducting. Surprisingly great value for money it provides two charging slots (optional).

4Charge City Charger is ideal for:

  • Private businesses
  • Fleet parking
  • Apartment blocks

Why Choose 4charge?

4charge can help eliminate range anxiety for your customers and employees

In an industry with complex systems, processes and infrastructure, simplicity is crucial. In everything we do, we take the time to understand every element of a project so we can develop the simplest and most effective solutions.

We have over 15 years of engineering experience and expertise


We make sure you have the right Electric network capacity and upgrade if required

Town Planners

Extensive experience with Compliance, appeals, legislation

Innovative Tools

Innovative Tools, such as BIM, drones and photmontage increase success rates


4site launches 4charge

Read about how 4site launched 4charge, its latest expansion into EV charging points.

Destination Chargers

What is a destination charger anyway, and why would your business need one?